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AKC Master Hunter


Remy is a grandson of our AKC Champion,

CH DancingCloud Cool Hand Lucas, "Lucas"


DancingCloud Echo Of Song  "Kiri" wins her MACH July 2013






CH DancingCloud ChaCha Litter with CH Unique Royal Trademark 10/06/06


DancingCloud Sunflower By Jove's Christmas group photo Dec 2007

Laya and William's Girls Christmas 2007

Laya and Williams whole Litter Christmas 2007

DancingCloud Echo Of Song "Kiri" showing the style that won her the PCA 08 24" Open JWW agility cpmpetition.

Great Champions result from Breeding foremost and excellent Training.

Jane with Jasper September 09, a Sheena and Peyton puppy.



DancingCloud Kennels is owned by Margaret Jane Beckman (Jane). Jane has been involved with poodles and poodle breeding since 1978. In the winter of ’78 while shopping in the famous Harrods Store in London, she noticed two beautiful little apricot miniature littermates, Jasmine and Jock. Well she had to have them and home they went to Stukley, a little village in Buckinghamshire, in a Harrods Shopping bag. The puppies came from the famous Tiopeppi Kennel. A local breeder taught Jane the rudiments of poodle grooming. When she moved to Georgia the next year along came the two little guys. A third miniature was purchased from Tiopeppi Kennels several years latter, Andre. Andre’s show career never got off the ground, as the little guy just kept on growing and ended a little over sized.

 In 1991, Jane met the late Carol Estes, and purchased a beautiful black standard male, Dapder Prince Of D’Este, Alex. Alex came from Ch Tiara Undeniable and Ch PS Symphony In Motion Of D’Este. Alex was headed for the show circuit. Carol introduced Jane to Dennis McCoy, who agreed to take Alex. Jane held her breath, took a week to think about it and couldn’t let Alex go. Alex was a beautiful dog, and wonderful friend and companion. As Alex grew older Jane started looking for another standard. Nancy McGee referred Jane to Linda Blackie! Linda had a beautiful white female show puppy available. After a 12 hour drive to Pennsylvania Jane had her little girl, and the show light was started again.

 Dennis McCoy had recently retired and Linda suggested that Jane try Miyuki Ueno. The little female was Harmonie Whisperwind Sophie. Miyuki did a wonderful job and in no time finished Sophie, and took her to PCA in 2001. Sophie looked so beautiful with the other specials that Jane knew she had found her way home. It was at this PCA that she spotted Ch Blacktie Silvrgent Dayspring (Gentry). Kay Palade had Gentry looking magnificent and when Jane was looking for a silver male to mate Sophie with several years later she immediately called Leslie Pope-Hall, that mating produced Ch Dancing Cloud CoolHand Lucas.

DancingCloud’s first production was the get of Ch Harmonie Whisperwind Sophie and Ch Sommerset The Saint, this mating produced the Champions, Ch DancingCloud ChaCha (Laya) and Ch DancingCloud Maximus (Max). The second production was the get of Sophie and Ch Whisperwind My Deer True Alliance, from this mating we look forward to seeing DancingCloud Traveller’s Ghost (Mason) in the confirmation and agility ring. The third production was the get of Ch DancingCloud ChaCha and Ch Barbican Filagree Future (Eric).

Two recent purchases are the females Whisperwind DancingCloud Angelina (Gina). Gina is a beautiful silver Whisperwind bitch who will be mated with the silver dog Ch DancingCloud Coolhand Lucas. In addition a black female, DancingCloud Sunflower By Jove (Sunny) , the get of  Ch Gabrielle By Jove and Ch DancingCloud Maximus has joined the kennel. Thus DancingCloud has the beginnings of healthy, strong and agile line of white, silver and black standard poodles. Jane has started both Laya and Sunny in agility training and competition.

DancingCloud Kennels looks forward to meeting many more of the standard poodle breeders with the aim of producing strong, healthy and beautiful standards.









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