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Biography Of Margaret Jane Beckman


Jane was born Margaret Jane Hadley in the Central Valley farming community of Merced, California. Raised on the farm, her family grew fruits, nuts, grain crops and cotton. Jane spent many hours in the peach packing plant and the strawberry fields as a child, although her greatest love was the classical piano.

Following middle school in Merced, Jane graduated from San Dominican College in San Francisco. After attending 2 semesters at UC Davis a whole new adventure began. Janeís whole extended family, grandparents, two uncles, their wives and children, her parents and siblings moved to Australia and started irrigated cotton farming down under.

In Australia Jane married and soon moved to London, England with her husband. In London Jane studied at the Royal Academy of Music, graduating with a degree in Performance Piano. Following a family vacation to Georgia to visit her motherís relatives Jane moved back to the States and started her family. Jane has one son, a mechanical engineer who builds racecars for fun but can also groom a mean cat! In Georgia she went back to school and graduated from Mercer University with a double major in Philosophy and Accounting.

All along the way Jane was busy with her dogs and made it a full time career when she started her business Clayton Pet Care. CPC is a grooming and boarding kennel in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she sees many different breeds in her business, including a rooster named Roscoe, she loves to groom and show poodles. 

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