Laya In Novice A, going for 2nd place, Q run!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Laya, Look out here I come!

Just Step A Side Boys!


Laya getting ready

When is this thing going to tip ?

Good girl touch the yellow

Off to the races, catch me if you can !

The NIKE Girl !!

Kiri in training

Kiri clears the tire

Kiri and her Aussi Mates

Kiri earns a QT and a 3rd Place at Canine Kapers Agility Trial

Kiri clears the tire

Up and over

Kiri working the cat walk

Up and over the A Frame


At last I can take a break!

Kiri Open Std hits a blistering 25 sec run only to knock down 1 bar.

Laya takes 1st place in NB Std, gets a Q and moves on to open, her 2nd meet after 8 months off to have her last litter.

Kiri attacks the weave poles!

Here you can see Kiri navigating 3 poles at the same time.

The closer you are to the bar the faster you go! Look at the tire shot above and compare the two!

Jane & Laya flying along the "Dog Walk" PCA 08

Jane & Laya check each other out!

Kiri loves to shoot the A frame

Kiri mounts the cat walk

Kiri flying

You need to run faster Jane

Now thats how you BLAST out of the shute!

Come on Jane I beat you again, Kiri goes first in Excellent beating all the 24 "dogs in Excellent A & B, outstanding!


Below is a gallery of a grandmother, mother & daughter competiting at Pendelton, SC.

Laya (grandmother), Kiri (mother), Jenna (daughter & grandaughter). All dogs

Q, placed 1st, or 2nd , or third, in all their events over two days.