Agility News

 Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. We had an exciting weekend at Pendelton, SC. We competed in the Canaan Dog Club of America's annual agility trial. I took Laya, Kiri and Jenna, a grandmother, mother, daughter combination. This was Jenna's second meet and already she competes in open, getting 3 3rd places and 3 Q's, in the 20" Open class against 10,000 Border Collies. Laya who is now 10 years old competes in Excellent Perferred and doubled Q'd twice getting 2 first place ribbon & 2 second place ribbons. Kiri got 1 first place, 2 second and 1 NQ. Jenna is a Kiri daughter and Kiri is a Laya daughter, so it was a real mothers day special for all of us. I have now started training Trinity, my latest girl. Trinity is 6 months old and a Sheena daughter. Shenna is a daughter of Eric, CH Barbican Filagree Future, as is Kiri. I can't say enough about this sire, who has produced dogs with incredible drive, intelligence and speed. In the last 6 months I have adapted my handling to utilize Handling At A Distance, based upon Jane Simmons Moake. This style has allowed me to give much more freedom to my dogs, allow for greater speed and more confidence all round. If you have a high speed dog I recommend you read some of Jane's books and see if this style of handling could be beneficial to you.