DancingCloud Silver In The Stars     "Rena"

      Ch Whisperwind Brass Band
    Ch Somerset The Saints  
      Ch Somerset Sizzle
  Ch DancingCloud Maximus    
      Ch Lake Cove Whisperwind Elite
    Ch Harmonie Whisperwind Sophie  
      Harmonie Whisperwind Jenna
DancingCloud Silver In The Stars      
      Ch Lake Cove Whisperwind Elite
    Whisperwind Harlequin Masque  
      Whisperwind Suddenly Silver
  Whisperwind DancingCloud Angelina    
      JC Boutimes Man Of The Hour
    Whisperwind Etched In Glass  
      Mydramagic Zoe

DancingCloud Silver In The Stars,  "Rena", DOB  03/09/2007, Standard Poodle, Silver, Female.

Breeder: Margaret Jane Beckman