DancingCloud Unique Matrix     "Neo"


      CH Torpaz It'll Be All White
    CH Topscore Contradiction  
      CH Kenzo Stricktly Ballroom
  CH Unique Royal Trademark    
      CH Lake Cove That's My Boy
    CH Unique Who's That Girl  
      CH Unique Daughter Of The Sun
DancingCloud Unique Matrix      
      CH Whisperwind Brass Band
    CH Somerset The Saint  
      CH Somerset Sizzle
  CH DancingCloud ChaCha    
      CH Lake Cove Whisperwind Elite
    CH Harmonie Whisperwind Sophie  
      Harmonie Whisperwind Jenna


DancingCloud Unique Matrix, DOB 10/03/06, AKC# PR09141801, Standard Poodle, White.

Breeder Margaret Jane Beckman