Friends and Some of Theirs and Some Of Ours


Below are photos sent to us by friends who own a DancingCloud Dog or a special companion. Please send us your photos

and I would love to share them with everyone.


Theresa & The Flower Garden

Lille Gets Her Frisby Every Time

Thats a Girl Lille

Susan & Zack

Cindy & Bill with Clint

Dieter & Laura

Rian & Margo

James & Laura with Jillian & Dieter

Karl's Kelpie

Karl's Kelpie out of the Bush

Theresa & Stella

I know there's a coon in this tree, come on!

Playing follow the leader will help me in agility

Caitlin at home in Texas

The 3 amigos!

Zack at home in the out doors

Two little guys tuckered out

Zack and his boys

Zack and his best mate

Zack standing guard

Jackson says Hi!

My look how much Stella has grown.

Lilly enjoying PA

Lilly showing her style

Stella enjoys spring in Seattle

Bainesy going home

Bainesy & his new pal

Cesar and Pal in Sunny California

Stella plays hard while enjoying a summer day

Caitlin showing style

Caitlin strutting

Caitlin's stand

Caitlin heading for the Blue Bonnet Speciality

Stella1 yr old

Stella looking foward to Yr 2

These Seattle sisters are tough!

Stellar & Sabrina 1/2 sisters

Here those girls go!

Looks like someone is hot on your tail

Shelby & Chellie going Best Of Winners 05/08

Riley shows his style

Riley and Cooper camped out

Uncle Cooper with Riley

Now listen up This is how you stand!

Cooper shows some style

Now thats an armfull of love

Here are two sisters who still like each other!

They even sleep head to head

These girls even play together

Alone they are beautiful

These girls are fearless!

But after a tough play a little shade next to a beautiful old tree is great

Roger and Bently, the new agility boy head home to the Far North, Day One!

Bentley shows how to run the channel

Bentley arrives at his new home

Bentley all grown up and expertly groomed by Roger

Roger and Bentley, two great pals

Bentley a true stud in the making!

Two proud men with Cooper & Riley

Cooper & Riley with a crowd load of friends, a real poodle family

Seattle girls with dad

Those Seattle girls know how to Zoom!

Jane and one fine male, Ben. Ben is 6 months old and is looking for a home.

Stella joins Laya (her mum) and Kiri (her sister) in agility trials

Way to go Stella!

Stella's off to the races with her leash

Theresa just what are you trying to tell me?

Bentley aftyer grooming Christmas 09

Bentley at play on mothers day 09

Roger doing a super job on Bentley Christmas 09

Sashay in the snow 2010

Sashay shows a pretty face

Sashay, how do you like me now!

Sashay loves to play with toys

Sashay on the run

Sashay and Debbie

Bainsey looks wonderful on his 3rd birthday (DOB 03/09/07). Mother is Gina and daddy is Max. Congratualtions Bainsey!

Deb & Sashay

Sashay's final ring prepartions

Sashay ready for the ring

Rene resting comfortably

Rene & Annie go a driving, no it isn't Miss Daisy

Jack relaxing in the Southern Sunshine

Jack really knows how to chill out

Rene Starts his agility training at 4 months

Rene! Keep your eye on me

Rene hits the weave-o-matic

This so easy! Don't you have anything to test me!



Andy on the run

Bently in Arizona

Benjamin checking the floor

Ben's head up for Jane

Handsome Ben

Bently starting his weave training

Bentlyat california beach

Dash going for space

Here I go again

Now don't try this at home, I'm a trained stunt dog

I'm flying

Ice winning in Duck Diving Competition

Just run for the joy of it

I'm pretty!

Stepping out with Jane

Up I go

I can stand just like a show dog

Gentry was a great looking puppy

Let the girls show you how its done

Ice retriving


Bainsey in the snow of Virginia

Lets soak up some rays in Charleston

Peter, Linda's most beautiful boy!

Now I rest my wear bones

Hey guys, this is my new home

Heys guys and this is my beautiful home

I told you I was handsome

A Sheena puppy

Rider & pal relaxing after a great walk, Go Packers!

Well guys I home, and on my first boat trip, what a life!

Sunny and Gunny winning in Perry

Now Jane starts them young

Two by two, Sheena's girls

Hi Jane that was a great run

Some of Sheena's puppies

A Sheena girl hits the jump

Hey fellas I over here

Well I'm here so you are really over there

Now that's a handsome puppy