Puppy Selection

HAYSASP       IS an acronym that stands for "Hadley Are You Spirited And Smart Puppy"

It is the technique that Jane has developed for the selection of her puppies and how she

relegates one puppy to a certain person. Although it may appear a little tongue in cheek

at first it has in fact been quite successful in puppy selection. The major components

are set out below.

1. In the first week of life, who gets the best nipple and drinks the longest and is most likely to shove a sibling aside.

2. In the second and third week who is the most playful and is more interested in shoving and rolling its sibling.

3. In the third to fourth week who is trying the hardest to get out of the whelping box.

4. Who is the first to succeed to escape the whelping box.

5.1 Six to seventh week, who has the best ambulatory system.

5.2 Who loves to attack Jane's cute ankles the most.

5.3 Who draws the first blood of a master.

5.4 Who is the best eater of early morning mash, a milk substitute.

5.5 Who will hold your eye the longest, like a child's stare competition.

5.6 Six to eight weeks, puppies are introduced to music and dancing, with Jane looking for the most interacting puppy with a good howl.

6. Who is the first to successfully negotiate a stair and multiple stairs.

7. Who can mix it up with the adult dogs, aunts, uncles etc.

8. How do they stand grooming, bathing, mechanical air drying and leash training.

9. Does the 'one' show any agility interest, do they like to jump over a stick, play chasings in the tunnel.

10. As in all things a 10 is the way to go. Jane has absorbed all this information not in a tabular format or a numerical assignment but

an amorphous assembly of identity into her being and thus not entirely subjectively selects which pup is for who.

Of course it goes with out saying that physical traits such as  conforming to the breed standard and hair quality are automatically

injected into the calculations.

PS. Jane feels it is very important to handle the puppies from day 1. Pick them up, rub them, talk to them several times a day. This helps with their social skills, so the pups are never left alone just to sleep and eat. At first they tend to reject this intrusion but soon they start to look forward to this contact.