Photographs Of Our Individual Dogs

CH Harmonie Whisperwind Sophie   "Sophie"

Sophie's Puppies 1

Sophie's Puppies 2

CH DancingCloud Maximus   "Max"

Max's Puppies 1

CH DancingCloud ChaCha   "Laya"

Laya and Eric Puppies

Laya and Chance Puppies

Laya and William Puppies

CH DancingCloud CoolHand Lucas   "Lucas"

Lucas' Puppies 1

DancingCloud Sunflower By Jove   "Sunny"

Sunny's Puppies 1

Whisperwind DancingCloud Angelina   "Gina"

Gina's Puppies 1

DancingCloud Echo Of Song      "Kiri"

CH DancingCloud Man From Iron Bark    "Banjo"

DancingCloud Unique Reflection     "Grace"

CH DancingCloud Come-By-Chance      "Peyton"

DancingCloud Silver In The Stars          "Rena"

DancingCloud Stop At Ayla's Jackson      "Jackson"

DancingCloud Unique Matrix     "Neo"

CH DancingCloud A Million Words   "Millie"

CH DancingCloud Total Eclipse  "Luna"

Sheena & Neo