Folks At Dog Shows

Maki & Madison, Jonesboro 02

Maki & Madison, Jonesboro 02

Miyuki & Madison, Jonesboro 02

Maki & Churchill, Jonesboro 02

Jane, Jonesboro 02

Miyuki getting ready at Jonesboro 02

Jane pretending to work, Jonesboro 02

Miyuki and Churchill, Jonesboro 02

Maki always happy with the dogs, Jonesboro 02

Miyuki and Madison, Jonesboro 02

Jane with Laya Altona 02

Jane with Max, Altoona 02

Max takes it easy, Altoona 02

Grooming tent, Altoona 02

Jane with Max & Laya, Linda with her boy, Altoona 02

Jane busy grooming, Altoona 02

Linda grooming, Altoona 02

Beautiful mountains at Altoona, 2002

Altoona 02 Linda's boy

Altoona 02, Laya & Max

Michael, Max & Laya daddy, 02

Ch Somerset The Saint, Michael 02

Ch Somerset The Saint, 02

King PCA 04

King PCA 04

King's final touches PCA 04

Yes that's Justin

Justin hold steady! PCA 04

Justin looking magnificant PCA 04

Miyuki & Andriano, Tenn, 2002

Maki, Tenn, 2002

Jane Grooming Madison, Tenn, 2002

Madison and Miyuki, 5 pt major, 2002



Christopher & Gail

Gentry & Kay

Gentry & The Judge

Gentry & Kay 2

Gentry Checking The Competition

Gentry Sizing Up Christopher!

Gentry Stands Tall

Line Up PCA 01

Lineup PCA 01 1

PCA 01 View Of The Bull Pen

Adriano busy at work PCA 06

Alan likes to brush PCA 06

Huffish stands tall PCA 06

James busy on on Max's puppy PCA 06

Julie is always smiling PCA 06

Nothing stops Kim PCA 06

Jane I 'm ready now PCA 06

Laura & Jane with Dieter PCA 06

Laura & Jane with Dieter, brother Banjo and mum Laya

PCA 06

Shelia busy working on Banjo PCA 06

Luna with Jane & Dana PCA 06

Chris and his team PCA07

Shelly's supervisor sitting down on the job PCA07

Linda and Payton PCA07

Deanne and her southern smile PCA07

Jane & Neo in the line PCA07

Neo standing tall PCA07

Neo stepping out PCA07

This way Jane! PCA07

Good looking rear ends!! PCA07

Neo set up PCA07

Payton awaits his turn PCA07

Dana readies Banjo PCA07

Jane & Banjo PCA07

Jane has Banjo ready PCA07

Ann, Kay & Jane with their guys! PCA07

Grace stands with the Judge PCA07

Brian & Dana and their amazing craft PCA07

Jane admires Dana's creation PCA07

Paul putting the finishing touches PCA07

I said stop with the collage!!

Michele never stops the preparation PCA07

Gail's doing a final check PCA07

What a lineup, PCA07!!

Coming close the end PCA 07

Yes PCA07

Ann & Chris PCA07